It was a long time ago and I can't exactly remember when, but I had a discussion with some friends about Dolly Parton songs.

We were talking about how she spun gold out of so many of her personal stories--the mark of a great songwriter--and that each one would make for a great TV movie.

Flash forward to the age of the streaming platform and it's almost like the Netflix folks were sitting in on that conversation.

(And, for all I know, they WERE, since I can't exactly remember who was there at the time.)

When I first heard about the Netflix/Dolly connection--Netflix as gone ahead and ordered an anthology series based on Dolly's songs--I thought they were talking about a series about her life.

While that would be interesting, the Coat of Many Colors movies have already done a pretty good job of JUST that. And they've been ratings monsters, to boot.

Surely, that was the popular streaming service's inspiration. I, for one, believe they will make a killing with the legendary superstar's stories.

And while high profile hits like "Jolene" would make excellent mini-movies, Dolly has quite a few songs--gems--hidden away on an enormous library of albums that would also make for good viewing.

I feel like this was a long time coming, but I also feel like maybe it need something like streaming platforms--like Netflix--to really make it work out.

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