The late designer Halston never did much for me. And I mean that literally and without one ounce of disrespect. That's because I mean that literally.

I wear big and tall clothing and I never once found an item of apparel that fit me that had his name on it.

He did, however, have a line of cologne which I tried once...and will never try again. Once again, no disrespect for the late designer who passed away from AIDS complications in 1990.

He was a great designer. I really need to put that in there--and I absolutely mean it--because it just sounds like I'm dogging him. I'm just relating my minimal experiences with the man over the years.

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What I'm just now learning, though, surprises me, only because it seems like something I should already have known and didn't.

Yesterday, my friend John Lumea published a Facebook post about a CNN documentary on Halston.

Like me, John had no idea the man ever lived in Evansville and yet he moved there when he was five years old, according to an old Evansville Courier & Press story. Well, yes, according to that story, but, more than likely, according to a LOT of resources, since he DID live there.

That story in the Courier & Press was ABOUT the documentary John saw. But, no, I never knew until yesterday that one of the world's most famous clothing designers lived just 40 miles down the road.

But maybe that's because I'm not FROM Evansville. I can give you famous Owensboroans all week long and twice on Sundays--Wendell Ford, Florence Henderson, Johnny Depp, the Waltrips, the Greens, Jeremy Mayfield, Nicky Hayden.

Maybe I need to start digging farther into the celebrities who once lived in the tri-state. I might surprise myself, yet again.

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