I have never had deep-fried turkey. It sounds amazing, but I've never had any. My mother or my sister, depending on when, has always prepared the traditional way.

Yeah, we had it smoked one time, but it was dry as a bone.

And while I have had friends who have deep-fried their turkeys, I never got to try a piece.

But I do know they've ALWAYS done it the right way...which means they've never deep-fried a FROZEN one.

If so, THIS would have happened:



Now, I guess if you wanted to waste an entire frozen turkey and a whole lot of oil, that might be something to do on the Fourth of July, but I don't recommend it.

Now, I don't know why the turkey being frozen makes that happen, but I'm no chemistry expert either. (You watch...someone's going to give me a perfectly logical explanation and I'm gonna feel like an idiot.)

By the way, if you're about to do it for the first time, here's the proper way:

Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and, by all means, THAW that turkey before you deep-fry it.

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