I just got back from the St. Jude Country Cares conference in Memphis.  As always, it was an amazing weekend and I met fascinating St. Jude patients, parents, doctors and scientists.  I also got the opportunity to visit my absolute favorite burger place in the world- Dyer's on Beale Street.  Have you heard of this place?

Here's a look at the menu, which explains Dyer's primary claim to burger fame.


And, yes!  You're reading that correctly.  Dyer's has been using the same grease for over a century.  That may sound gross to you, but trust me.  It's freaking, flipping delicious!

Here's my Dyer's go to!


A simple, yet scrumptious hamburger with a side of onion rings!  And, of course, no visit to Dyer's is complete without a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Yes, my friends!  That's the stuff dreams are made of.  And it is a must stop each year for the folks in this photo.  My friends in this photo represent Kentucky, Iowa (originally) and Alaska. 


And, each year, we make plans to reconnect and celebrate friendship and our St. Jude connection at Dyer's.

To learn more about the world famous Dyer's Burgers, CLICK HERE!  And, if you get the chance to visit Memphis, it's a Beale Street must.

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