Angel and I visited East View Elementary School yesterday and were absolutely captivated by the "I Have a Dream" art display that lined the hallway just outside of Mary-Ava Poole's classroom.  Here's a look at the assignment and the beautiful (and heartwarming) student artwork it inspired.

According to Ms. Poole, the inspiration for the "I Have a Dream" art project was discussion about the history of segregation in our country.  Of course, the moral of that lesson is an important one and one we're still working through- despite some individual differences, we, as a people, are exactly the same at the core.

So, students were encouraged to create colorful self portraits and share their individual dreams, hopes and aspirations.  Naturally, because kids say (and write) the darndest things, some were hilarious.  Here are a few examples:


Love it!  You have to appreciate any dream that involves working in a museum and owning a ferret, Betta fish and a Goldendoodle.

That child's dreams are "Jurassic."  How amazing would it be to work in a dinosaur museum and factory??

And what about this one?


Now, I'm a pet lover too, but this student takes the cake!!  I am all about living in Hawaii, but not sure about the idea of owning 10,000 puppies and 20,000 kittens.  LOL!  But the sentiment is absolutely charming.  I like the way that child thinks!

And how cute and sweet is this?


The notion and dream that all foster kids would find homes is just precious.  Some of the other students had similar world-changing hopes and dreams as well.

Speaking of precious, how amazing was this assignment?  What the students created is beautiful and impactful on so many levels.  I mean, we're all crayons in a big old box, right?  And isn't that the real message with this assignment?  Doesn't that lay the foundation for the ultimate dream here?  That we achieve a time when these students, ALL students and people, are appreciated for their different colors, shades and dreams.