Erik Simon is the new custodian at East View Elementary School.  And it hasn't taken long for him to make his mark.  Erik has a friend he calls Norman the Zombie that he's using to scare members of the faculty.  For the last couple of weeks, Erik has been hiding Norman in places that he knows teachers and other staff will stumble across him and there have been plenty of startles and screams going around the school.  In fact, the biggest scare of all came from a female staff member who got a surprise visit from Norman in the women's restroom!!  Well, some East View staffers vowed to get revenge and they have!  They have stolen Norman and have been "walking the dead" around town!  Check it out.

Here's Norman breaking out of East View for Fall Break!

Norman's first stop?  The Circle K where he filled the car up with gas for his trip . . .

And where he got himself a "Polar Pop" for the road . . .

He had to hop in line and pay so he could hit the road for his next destination!

He stopped by Reid's Orchard to visit some friends and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.  Here he is with Bill Reid . . .

He made some Halloween-inspired fudge with Kathy Reid . . .

He watered some flowers and mums with Katie . . .

He even had time to take a ride around the orchard in the Reidland Express Train!

But, Norman had other places to visit.  After a quick pit stop here . . .

Norman continued on his incredible journey.  He ran into me!

Then, he went to visit some friends on Frederica Street and try on a Halloween costume!

Then, Norman decided to bust up on out of town.  And he made his way to the county line!

And, then, he decided to visit the Hoosier State!

While Norman's out painting towns in two states, Erik is back at school looking for him.  He circulated this email at school:

Fellow EVES staff members,

I am deeply saddened by the disappearance of our resident zombie, Norman. He was last seen using the girl's restroom next to Mrs. Carter's room. It is rumored that he has been kidnapped, which according to KRS-666 is punishable by having your brains eaten. Please, If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or security of Norman the Zombie notify the proper authorities (Me). 

Thank you and have a killer fall break.


Where will Norman the Zombie's road trip take him next?  Will he ever make it back to his buddy, Erik?  After breaking loose just before Fall Break, will Norman ever come home to East View Elementary School?

Stay tuned!