I've received calls from friends and family members from all across the country this past week. They've been asking if we're all okay here.

They're relieved once I explain that all the flooding is hundreds of miles away in eastern Kentucky, but this is an example of how far-reaching this horrible catastrophe has become. National news outlets are on this story every single day.

Most of what everyone is seeing is about search and rescue teams and what residents who have lost everything currently need. And for that, there's a wonderful new fundraiser at the state level called Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief. And honestly, that might take care of medical clinics who are need, too.


But just in case, Van Breeding, a physician with Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation (MCHC) - Whitesburg Medical Clinic, posted a list of supplies lost in the flooding. Dr. Breeding and the multiple staffs across MCHC have been as busy as you might imagine this week, and here's why:

I’ve been to our clinics and the loss of meds and medical equipment is catastrophic. We were closed in Whitesburg, Isom, Hindman, and Buckhorn on Thursday so we could help rescue those stranded, help evacuate the nursing home and help keep hospital open and covered. Our Isom clinic is lost; it took 6 feet of water. Hindman lost power and water but reopened yesterday and will be open today. Whitesburg lost its parking lot, chiropractic center and got 5 feet of water but we opened at the old high school yesterday.


Here's a list of items requested by Dr. Breeding. As you can see, they lost practically everything:
IV fluids
Tetanus shots
Hepatitis A shots
IV tubing
Oxygen concentrators
Oxygen tanks
Nebulizer machines
Nebulizer tubing
CPAP Machines
Insulin and supplies
Glucometers and strips
Constant Glucometers and readers like Libre and Dexcom
Dental equipment
Portable dental clinic trucks
Portable X-ray machines and trucks
Portable lab trucks
Food trucks for patients and staff as most of our food supply and restaurants have been flooded and are closed
Water bottled, Gallons and emergency tankers
Exam tables and equipment
Desktop and laptop computers for Medical charting
Suture equipment
Sterile dressing and wound treatment supplies
Disinfectant like Hebiclens and betadine
Blood pressure cuffs and digital scales
Office chairs
Cleaning materials
Maintenance equipment

Also, the clinic's HEAL program for substance use treatment is in desperate need of Narcan, Fentanyl test strips, and needle exchange supplies.

Here's one more list of mostly non-medical supplies the clinic needs:
Dr. Breeding says they are "literally using paper charts, stethoscopes, and cell phones to try to take care of people."


He's asking for anyone in the medical field who can help out to pitch in. The clinic's address is:
Whitesburg Medical Clinic
226 Medical Plaza Lane
Whitesburg, KY 41858
Dr. Breeding says he can be texted at 606-634-1570 or emailed at vanbreedingmd@gmail.com.

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