Outside my window, right now, it's 62 degrees. So we can forget about outdoor ice skating for the time being.

So let's head indoors where you can ALWAYS ice skate at the Edge Ice Center.

I'm always impressed with ANYONE who can ice skate.

I can't even roller skate and I've tried. And there are those who've tried to teach me.

Didn't go well. In fact, I think they got out of the business.

But the Edge Ice Center is always IN the business of teaching YOU how to ice skate and you can do it.

Most can, in fact.

The Edge Ice Center is currently accepting registrations for its WeSKATE Learn to Skate Classes.

Available for all ages, these classes follow the lesson format established by the Ice Skating Institute of America.

If you're at least three years of age, and are interested, the six-week classes begin Tuesday, February 21st.

The WeSKATE hockey lessons begin Wednesday, February 22nd at 5PM.

Go to owensboroparks.org for class levels and times and, of course, to register.

And then have an incredible time ice skating!

Take THAT, 62 degrees and sunny!

Registration deadline is February 10th.

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