Famous people are just like us, they shop at the grocery store, they drop their kids off at school, and they take their kids on ghost hunts. Wait, what? It's the concept behind the new A&E reality paranormal series The Lowe Files. Actor Rob Lowe and his sons Matthew and John Owen go ghost and urban legend hunting. This is real. Let's talk about it.

Here's the trailer for Midnight, Texas or as I like to call it, True Blood Goes West:

You can watch the first episode HERE or On Demand.

And...here's the preview of The Lowe Files:

"Don't Fear the Reaper" guys! Learn more about the show and see more previews HERE. I wonder if they'll be haunted by Rob's performance at the 1989 Academy Awards. Shudder!

Coming soon, I printed out a Fall TV premiere dates calendar, and we'll go over it, probably in separate episodes.

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