Yard sale season is upon us. It's why a lot of people will NOT sleep in on Saturdays. But how early should you arrive at one? That's covered below.

I did a little crowd-sourcing and learned of seven things you shouldn't do at an Owensboro yard sale...or ANY yard sale, for that matter.

I doubt some of this stuff would go over too well in Albuquerque.

So here we go:

1. "Don’t show up 2 hours before they open low balling."

1A. "Don't low ball at all. If it says a dollar I want a dollar."

2. "Don't smoke on my property. Especially flicking your butts onto my grass or driveway."

3. "Carry out more than four glasses." (Somebody knows what this means. But I've been told and I won't do it.)

4. "Sneak something valuable into a box of cheap junk, hoping the seller won’t notice and then buy the whole box for a buck!!!" (I didn't know people did that. Tsk, tsk.)

5. "Showing up with a flashlight before I have even had my first cup of coffee." (Amen!)

6. "Ask if they have layaway."

7. "Try to buy 3.00 worth of stuff with a 100.00 bill." (You need one of those signs stores have about not accepting 50s or 100s after a certain time.)

And...finally...this one came from in-house. Guess who? A hint: 10-2.

8. "Strip down and try on the clothes."


Are there more? There's BOUND to be more. Lay 'em on me.

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