I was driving on Highway 56 Saturday night and then a little later on Frederica Street. On both of those occasions I had a driver get in right behind me with bright headlights a-blazin'.

What's the point?

Are you actually trying to MAKE a point about the strength of your beam?

Are you actually trying to make SURE I can't see because of your headlights in my rear view mirror?

Or, do you know just how bright your headlights are?

You see, there are times when I can tell the vehicle behind DOESN'T have its lights set on high beam.

That's just how bright the light is! Brighter than most high beams, sometimes.

If this is the case, please give the driver in front of you some space so he or she won't be blinded.

I don't believe MY high beams are that bright. I've forgotten they're on and will have noticed that no one flashed their brights at me.

And then you have these lights I'm talkin' about now. The ones that are WAY too bright on a normal setting.

If this is the case, please, with all due respect, back off.

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