Eric Church learns hard lessons in the new music video for "Some of It," a mini-movie styled as the sequel to the video for "Desperate Man." In that clip, Church acts as the getaway driver in a heist, funneling the stolen cash into his business creating vinyl records and sending his family on the run as the police and agents from his record label close in.

In part two of the story, we see Church in prison, paying for his misdeeds. Life goes on for his wife and daughter back home, with the young girl growing up and learning how to drive. She never forgets her dad, however, and regularly sends him letters that he tapes onto the wall of his cell. In fact, she even takes apart a guitar and sneaks it into the prison, where Church re-assembles the instrument with help from his fellow inmates and at least one sympathetic prison guard. He crafts the lyrics of "Some of It" by pasting together circles phrases from his daughter's letters.

At the end of the video, Church's prison sentence ends. We see him putting on his ring and sunglasses and walking out of the correctional facility to meet his family -- with his daughter behind the wheel of the family car. However, it's not quite a happy ending: At the end of the clip, an unknown man says "he's out" into a phone, before slamming it back down into its receiver.

Church debuted the new video on stadium screens during his Nissan Stadium date on Saturday (May 25.) The performance marked a new attendance record for the singer, 56,521 concertgoers in the stands. The show set a record for the stadium, too: It marked the first time in the venue's history that an artist headlined a show solo, with no opening acts.

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