After hitting the streets earlier this Summer, an Evansville food truck announced they will be closing up shop.

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Food Truck Food

I don't know what it is, but for some reason when food comes off of a truck it just tastes fantastic! I don't know if it's the allure because you can only get food truck food when the food truck is out and about, or if it's just because we have so many delicious food trucks in the Tri-State area, but I'm always down for food truck food.


I know part of it is the exclusivity, that you can only get the food truck food when you see the truck out (and we have many delicious food trucks in the Tri-State).  I can also see though where this could be harder from a business standpoint.  As opposed to having a brick-and-mortar shop that's open daily, you have to plan business around events and where people are going to be.  So I definitely see where food truckin' definitely isn't easy.

Unfortunately, Taco Cultura is Closing

One food truck to the streets earlier this summer, and I was very excited to try it because it served up delicious authentic Mexican cuisine.  There's just something about authentic Mexican food that is next-level delicious! So I was really bummed to hear that Taco Cultura was closing up shop because I always want to see our local businesses do well.


In a statement on Facebook, Taco Cultura said:

We are permanently closing Taco Cultura.
We have had a great following here on Facebook and we appreciate everyone’s likes and shares. Thank you to Myriad Brewing Company and Be Happy Pie Company for allowing us to set up at your locations. These were always our best selling days.
We got several message requests for our locations each day or comments of people wanting to try us out, however we have had too many days where we set up and didn’t have anyone show up. Unfortunately, we have to shut it down.
If we had events booked with you, please remove us from your event.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank all of you that supported us and enjoyed our food
To the owners of Taco Cultura, I wish you the absolute best of luck in the future!

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