"Wow!" was my first reaction just before silence to the news that production of the Evansville Courier & Press, Henderson's Gleaner, and Union County's Advocate is headed to Louisville.

I'm still stunned.

The Evansville Courier has been printed in there for over 170 years.

Gannett is the company that owns those papers and the Louisville Courier-Journal.

According to tristatehomepage.com, the newspapers will be sent back to Evansville upon completion for distribution.

The saddest part is the number of employees that could their jobs.

I have many friends in the print industry and I've long wondered about it.

With news so readily available everywhere you turn, I've wondered when I'd come across a story like this one.

Printing operations will end March 26th.

Seeing this about the Evansville Courier reminds me of a story about my dad that I'd almost forgotten.

He would read the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer at work and then read the Evansville Courier at night before he went to sleep.

But here's what he'd do.

We had a Convenient Food Mart (remember those) near our home when I was a kid and he worked out a deal with the store to SAVE him an Evansville paper so he could come by and purchase it before going home at night.

When THAT store closed, he worked out the same deal with a Pantry over on 27th and Veach which is no longer there.

I don't know what he did when he and Mom moved out of the old house.

Kind of a sad day.

And they tend to occur when we actually bear witness to signs of things to come.

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