Khristian Seaton an Evansville, Indiana resident will be appearing on TLC’s newest reality series "TATTOO SCHOOL" premiering Thursday, May 24th at 10:00 PM ET.  I don't have a tattoo at the moment but I respect the work that tattoo artists do, just like a painter with a blank canvas they use their imaginations & talents and create works of art.

This sounds like a great new reality show coming to TLC, wanna know more about the show?

Over the two-week intensive course, students will be tested on three ‘real world’ challenges that mimic the situations they may find themselves in as a working tattoo artist. Each challenge will test a specific skill or technique that is required to become successful in the business. From sketching to inking human VIP clients, the students will be subjected to all aspects of tattoo artistry. Upon graduation, the student with the best final, original tattoo is gifted with a golden gun, which will last for their entire career.




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