Hop on board and let the good times roll on this unique historical tour.

Historic Evansville

Historic Evansville has a passion for preserving the past.  Evansville has quite an interesting history, and many historic locations, and Historic Evansville works to provide information on many of our city's historical structures.

HistoricEvansville.com is a site dedicated to the immense history of the city of Evanville through the years. We provide information about sites, existing and long gone, including history, architecture, and pictures. Maps by year show how a neighborhood looked 50, 100, even 150 years ago. Also available are images through the years where you can see the same site over time to see the damaging effects of neglect and the wrecking ball. The history section provides a timeline and other interesting facts to help you get started.


They're hosting a really unique event on May 27th that you can join and learn more about some of Evansville's historical taverns and breweries.

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Historic Tavern and Brewery Tour Info

On May 27th you can hop on a bus and raise a pint to a few historical buildings each with their own interesting story. When on the tour you'll stop at 3 different historic bars in the area.


The bus has plans to take you to the St. Joseph Inn, Nisbet Inn, and the Hornets Nest.

Join us on a bus tour of historic taverns in the county. Stops include the iconic St Joseph Inn, Nisbet Inn, and Hornets Nest (subject to change). Travel along old country roads as we drive by historic landmarks and delve into Vanderburgh Co history. Bus leaves from either Central or Highland School, and cost will be about $25 depending on final count


Contact evansvillehistoricpreservation@gmail.com for more info or to secure your spot

This event sounds really cool, and like an interesting way to immerse yourself in Evansville's history, so grab a pint, and let's toast to Historic Evansville!

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