Golden Girls fans you may need to sit down and have a slice of cheesecake when I tell you the news.  There's a Golden Girls Convention coming within driving distance of the Tri-State in 2022.


There are not many shows that still draw a crowd nearly 30 years after the last episode aired on national television.  The Golden Girls resonate with almost everyone that comes into contact and has a chance to sit down and watch.  They were ahead of their time and tackled subjects during the 80s and early 90s many other shows did not dare even toy with them.


The Golden Con what they are calling the convention promises to provide a much-needed reunion of some of the best and most cherished memories we share with the girls.  According to here are just a few of the activities you can expect if you're already planning to purchase your tickets;

 A vendor’s market (cheesecake seems inevitable), live parody shows, a costume parade, and trivia. There will also be a Rusty Anchor pop-up bar, hopefully with more than three chairs to a table.

What is even more, fun if you are an entertainer or think you might like to be part of the event as a vendor you still have the opportunity to do so.

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Golden Con-Thank You For Being A Fan will take place on April 22 through April 24 in Chicago’s historically LGBTQ+ Northalsted Neighborhood.

Angel here and I am not a convention type of person but this news has me wanting to pack my sequin dresses and gaudy earrings for a weekend of fun.

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