I love the fall. I've said it many times. I have several friends--most of my friends, in fact--who feel the same way. It's really too bad, though, that we share the same high opinion of fall as STINK BUGS.

The smelly little critters love the fall so much that they wait until the best of the four seasons to make their appearance.

The brown marmorated stink bug, native to Asia, hasn't been in this country very long, but, boy, have they established a track record of being a full-on nuisance.

This chart from StopBMSB.org pretty much spells it out:


Yes, BMSB stands for brown marmorated stink bugs. See, they're such a problem, there's a very specific website dedicated to them.

WLKY/Louisville is quick to let us know that they don't bite or sting, but they SMELL. And, in fact, their defense system makes them difficult to get rid of.

Try stepping on a stink bug and see what happens.

WLKY also points out that vacuuming them up will also encourage the tiny pests to go on full fumigation attack.

Fortunately, it has provided a list of steps to take to prevent stink bugs from becoming YOUR problem.

Now, on this list you WILL find vacuuming. And I guess if you don't mind your vacuum bag reeking a little, you can dispose of it pretty quickly.

Plugging up holes and gaps so they don't get in is an obvious maneuver. You can also sweep them. They also recommend drowning them in soapy water, which is something I've never heard before.

You could also move to Oklahoma or Louisiana. They appear to be the closest states without a stink bug issue.

Just kidding, of course.

Fall's coming. And stink bugs love it just as much as we do.

Except we don't stink.

I guess.

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