As a parent I pose this question after an experience my family had at a local ball field.  Should smoking be allowed at ballparks and playgrounds?I am aware that many places have designated smoking areas but I have ran into a few that do not.  Just a few weeks ago we had a horrible experience at a local ballfield while my husband was playing church softball.

We sat down to watch the game and Tucker had to use the restroom so I took him and Charlotte and when we returned there was a group of women sitting a few rows from where we had been sitting and they were all smoking right in the bleachers.  I politely stared them down and took my children to stand the rest of the game.

Now first let me say I am not bashing smokers in any form or fashion.  My husband is a smoker, however, it was frustrating that they didn't have the common courtesy to move to the grass behind the bleachers or even down on the other side of the dugout to take a break and return to their seats.  Not only did this happen, but my middle son Braden later took Tucker to the playground to play and had to deal with a man smoking right there on the playground with lots of kids playing.  My son politely asked the man if he minded to move away while smoking, the man looked at him with no response and kept on blowing secondhand smoke around all those babies.

In a recent article in the Courier Journal, it was reported that smoking health care costs total around $1.9 billion dollars.  As a parent I don't want to have any part of that!

So I thought to myself I wonder what others think, how they feel, and what would be a good compromise?  I would love to hear what you think!


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