As far as I can remember, folks always talked about how Owensboro was the "third largest city in the state of Kentucky. Well, that's not the case anymore. Over the years, we've been surpassed by Bowling Green, but a nearby city (some would call it a town or community even) has been the fastest growing in the past several years.

How Cities in Kentucky Rank by Population

According to World Population Review, here are the top ten cities in the state with the most people.

10. Elizabethtown 32,390

9. Nicholasville 32,786

8. Florence 33,172

7. Richmond 37,524

6. Georgetown 39,776

5. Covington 40,978

4. Owensboro 59,836

3. Bowling Green 77,396

2. Lexington 318,081

1. Louisville 616,447

How Many Cities Are in Kentucky?

The state of Kentucky ranks 26th in the U.S. according to population size. According to, "Kentucky has 524 places; 422 incorporated places and 102 census designated places (CDPs). The incorporated places consist of 420 cities,"

Some Kentucky Cities See Decreases in Population in 2024

The top two largest cities saw a decrease in population this year. Louisville with a .64% annual change, Lexington with a .36% annual change, and Owensboro with a .17% annual change.

Kentucky Town People Are Moving to Most

While those cities saw folks moving away, one Daviess County town has actually experienced the biggest increase over the past four years. I said you'll be surprised, but after second thought, I suppose it does make some sense considering the residential development that has been happening there.

Can you believe that Owensboro's close neighbor, Masonville, is the fastest-growing city in Kentucky? Over the past 4 years, it has grown 7.53% annually.  Is it just me, or does it feel kind of weird to call Masonville a whole city? I've always considered it a small town or community, but they are definitely a Census-designated place, and most certainly growing! Get it Masonville!

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Source: World Population Review,

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