You have to take the bad with the good. Every silver lining has a dark cloud...or something. You pick the cliche.

Internet and social media and digital technology are all magnificent parts of our lives...valuable tools in our everyday existence.

Except for when they can all be turned against us. And it's something we're seeing with more and more frequency.

Take the FBI's latest warning, for example.

This headline says it all:

"Cybercriminals Utilize Social Engineering Techniques To Obtain Employee Credentials To Conduct Payroll Diversion"

Translation: Highly intelligent scumbags are trying to reroute direct deposit checks.

Here's exactly what the FBI's public service announcement says about it:

"Cybercriminals target employees through phishing emails designed to capture an employee’s login credentials. Once the cybercriminal has obtained an employee’s credentials, the credentials are used to access the employee’s payroll account in order to change their bank account information. Rules are added by the cybercriminal to the employee’s account preventing the employee from receiving alerts regarding direct deposit changes. Direct deposits are then changed and redirected to an account controlled by the cybercriminal, which is often a prepaid card."

If you clicked the link above, you've seen the FBI's recommendations about how to counter this vile attack on our personal security.

Geez...we can't have NICE THINGS!

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