How about some good non-election news? The 3-2 vote by the FCC requires internet service provides to obtain permission to you use data. Data breaches have become more and more regular in the past couple of years. If you use a major ISP such as Verizion, they now have to get your permission to give to marketers. 

ISPs these days can collect information from users just by locating them via smart phone or detecting what music they are listening to, movie they are watching. It's all been very "Big Brother" for a while now. Under the new FCC rules, ISPs have to inform consumers what information is collected and how it is used and shared. They also have to identify which they types of entities with which the ISP shares the data. "Opt-in consent" must also be allowed for a user's permission.

According to the FCC, the following types of information the ISP must get permission for:

-Precise geolocation which would mean the real world location of a person's mobile device.

-Children's information

-Health information

*Financial information

-Social security numbers

*Web browsing history

-App usage history

*The content of communication

There is, however, a big downside. Data and information collected by ISPs will not include social media giants Facebook and Twitter or Google. They are not covered by the new FCC rules. Whether the new rules are foolproof will not be known as ISPs have year to comply.