Last week, the Boulware Mission announced the six couples who will be competing for the mirror ball trophy in this year's Dancing with Our Stars competition.  One of them is Brandi Rone, a local realtor for Keller Williams here in town.  Brandi has set a massive fundraising goal and, this Tuesday at Fetta, will launch into action by waiting tables and serving up pizza!

Fetta Specialty Pizza via Facebook

Fetta Specialty Pizza in downtown Owensboro has decided to help Brandi out in her mission to raise money for the cause.  On Tuesday, the restaurant will donate 10% of the days total sales to Brandi and her partner, Joey Barr.  Plus, to make the fundraiser even more fun . . . Brandi plans to be incredibly hands on.  She'll be waiting tables and will be donating all of her tip money to the Boulware Mission!  So, stop on by, get some pizza, tip the crazy, ballroom dancing waitress and help out a great cause in the process.

In fact, this is just one of many fundraisers you'll see popping up over the next couple of months.  Everybody is in it to win it.  And while Brandi is getting a jump start on her competition, the other contenders are going to be burning up the floor too.

Here's the full cast of the 5th season of Dancing with Our Stars!

Boulware Mission

You can learn about the couples and vote for your favorites by CLICKING HERE!

Dancing with Our Stars is Saturday, August 12th at the Owensboro Convention Center!