Have you always wanted to be a firefighter or know someone who has? The City of Owensboro has an open position for firefighter and the application process is underway. The process to become a firefighter is very extensive and lasts several months.

Here is a basic overview of the process via The City of Owensboro:

To be considered for a City of Owensboro Firefighter position, you must successfully complete ALL of the following:

1. Apply with the City of Owensboro by submitting a CITY OF OWENSBORO Application for Employment (“job application”) by the application deadline of March 20, 2015, by following the instructions below; AND Obtain your valid CPAT card PRIOR to May 18, 2015, for admission to written exam, and maintain it going forward, by following the instructions below; AND

2. Applicants meeting our job requirements, who have also met the above two requirements, may be considered to participate in one or more portions of the remaining recruitment process (dates subject to change), such as:

MANDATORY Written Exam: May 18, 2015 at 9:00am OR 5:30pm (hold both times); and, if you pass, then

MANDATORY Oral exam, between June 15-19, 2015; and, if you successfully complete, then you may undergo

MANDATORY Further Evaluation (e.g., Background screening, interview, etc.), dates to be determined, and if contingently offered a position, then

MANDATORY satisfactory completion of Post-offer, pre-employment requirements, dates to be determined.

The deadline to submit your initial application is March 20, 2015. For more detailed information, click HERE.