Date nights can get pretty expensive.  How about a date night that won't break the bank but will definitely impress your significant other.


Angel here and my husband, Joe, and I teach a Grace Marriage group in our church.  One of the very first things we teach in the class is how important it is to continue to date your spouse after you get married.  Many of us do everything we can to show the other person how special they are while we are dating them and then we get married and those things go out the window because life happens and we don't make time to plan and execute it.

Dating your spouse helps to nurture your relationship.  Gives you time alone to catch up with one another.  It allows you time to appreciate each other.  It lets your spouse know you love and appreciate them because you make them a priority.


  1. Free Concerts are a fantastic idea.  There are several different free concerts in the Tri-State area that are a great place to enjoy a night out without spending tons of money.
  2. Thrift Store Date Night.  Take $20 bucks and split it.  Head to a local thrift store and pick outfits for one another.

3. Dollar Tree Date Night.  Go to your local Dollar Tree and pick out a movie, snacks, and drinks, and head back home to enjoy.  You may even have some money left over for ice cream!

4.  Dessert Date Night Under The Stars.  Head out and get an ice cream cone and take a stroll on the riverfront or a local park.  Take a blanket to lay under the stars.

5.  Volunteer Date Night-This one won't cost you a thing but it is worth far more than $20.  Find an organization in town that needs volunteers.  Offer to volunteer together for date night and take the $20 you would have spent and use it to bring a dessert or snack for those who are a part of the organization or just donate the money to that organization in your community.

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