This past Saturday, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra's performance of The Marriage of Figaro, with special guests from the Kentucky Opera. I learned so much about our community, the OSO and opera from my night out!

First off, I love opera. I listen to it on Saturdays when I clean my home. (Yes, I know it's weird.) I've only seen one opera performance live prior to Saturday and it was at a local college so it was on a far smaller scale. So, this was my first real live opera experience and I learned so much.

1. Performances Nothing Short of Exquisite

I expected this performance to last about the same length as a movie or play - an hour and a half. We arrived at the Riverpark Center shortly before the performance start at 7 PM and didn't leave until about 10 PM. It was three hours with only a short intermission. There were four main characters who were on stage through the entire performance. They sang an entire opera, in a difference language, unmiced for three hours. They memorized the music, the words, the acting and had to sing OPERA for THREE HOURS. That is a nothing short of completely flabbergasting to me. I can't even remember a phone number!

2. The OSO Will NOT Disappoint

When you go see a movie, you can read reviews but you never really know if it will suit your taste or if it will be that good of a movie. The Owensboro Symphony Orchestra puts on a stellar performance every single time they play. And, they were right there playing those ENTIRE THREE HOURS. After my short stint in middle school band, I can assure this is next to impossible!

3. Owensboro Has a Thriving Arts Scene

I feel blessed to live in a community that supports the Arts as much as Owensboro does. Where many places are cutting arts in school and have a dying art scene, you see buses transporting kids to Arts Teach Kids and a full house at the OSO. There was a young man sitting next to us at the performance. During intermission, he explained that he was a KWC student and was encouraged to come out.

4. Bursting with Local Flavor

Before going to the symphony, my mom and I decided to eat out. We had our choice of several local options - all of which are delicious. We settled on The Famous Bistro for Chicken Marsala and Spanakopetia along with organic apricot beer (which is so delicious). Then we stopped at The Creme Coffeehouse for coffee and a dark chocolate muffin. To. Die. For.

5. Figaro? Figaro?

I expected to hear "Largo al Factotum" Figaro, Figaro, Figaro... (like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon) but that song is from The Barber of Seville, the prequel to The Marriage of Figaro.