I don't know how long C.G. Morehead's painting of the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville--the original Grand Ole Opry--has been in our family.

But it was there when I was a kid and I was fascinated by it.

Not only did Morehead faithfully represent the Mother Church of Country Music, but he also painted images of a LOT of celebrities on the sidewalk in front of the original entrance.

I stared at thing for hours on end to see how many I could spot.

The funny thing is, until I was much older, I didn't know there was a key on the back of the painting that identifies all the famous people.

Some are not legendary country stars.

One is OBVIOUSLY not.

I had originally posted this about four years ago and Moon helped me out with some of the names back then. I loved it when he talked about country music history and the stars he'd met.

That said, take a virtual tour of my old family heirloom:


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