So, I was strolling through some social media sites thinking about what I might blog about tonight, and I came across something I've never heard of before. The Florida Gulf Coast Eagles won a summer game with just three players. The Eagles took  on the Providence Storm, a Caribbean professional team, while on a summer tour in the Bahamas.

Florida Gulf Coast has a twelve player roster but had only eight available Saturday, due to injuries and violations of team rules. During the course of the game,four Eagles fouled out,leaving the team with just four players over the final 1:36 of the game. Then with 40 seconds to play another player fouled out, after challenging a jump shot. Despite being down 5 to 3 on the court, Florida Gulf Coast was able to hang on and won, 92-89. Granted, it was an exhibition game, but I'd guess there may have been a party on the beach after the game. I can't say I'd blame them if they decided to party it up after the win, winning a game with just three players when the other team has five is pretty darn impressive! Side note, Kentucky Wesleyan beat Florida Gulf Coast 92-79, at the Sportscenter, in 2002.


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