The Fordsville Days Fundraiser Festival is one of the premier festivals in the area and is happening this weekend. Who's ready for some festival fun? #everyone

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Fordsville Days is Back

The long-standing tradition continues as the schedule is set for Fordsville Days 2021. It is jammed pack with excitement! There's something planned for all ages. The Highroller Monster Truck will be on display, Marty Brown is performing, and so is Layla Spring from American Idol. The kids will love the carnival rides, delicious food, and fun games. Many vendors and craft booths will be on hand too. Festival fun for everyone!

Why I LOVE Fordsville Days and the Community

Fordsville Days is one of my absolute favorite festivals in the area. The festival coordinators know how to throw a party. I love spending time with the amazing residents in town. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly in Fordsville. They make me feel like I'm back home in Northern Michigan with their down-home hospitality. Come to Fordsville Days and you'll feel welcome too! And, I promise that you'll have as much fun as I always do.

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 Schedule of Events

Fordsville Days is back from Thursday, September 16th through Saturday, September 18th, 2021. All weekend there are carnival rides for the kids, food vendors/trucks, games, and vendors planned.

On Thursday, September 16th, 2021 you can enjoy gospel music, the Dudes in Dresses contest, Mad Hatter contest, and more festival fun.

Friday, September 17th, 2021 live music can be enjoyed at the festival and a cake walk fundraiser will be added.

High Roller Monster Truck via Facebook

Saturday is jammed packed with family festival fun. Highroller Monster Truck will be on display, a craft show is planned and a classic car/truck cruise-in will happen at the fire station. Live music will start at 3 PM.

2017 Top 24 American Idol finalist, Layla Spring will take the stage. She is a staple at Fordsville Days before and after her Idol experience. She's never forgotten those that believed in her all along her journey. She is a fan favorite and sure to bring in a nice crowd.

Also, Saturday Kentucky Music Hall of Fame member Marty Brown will take over the main stage. The Maceo native hit the county music scene in the 90s' and produced six studio albums during that time. He also competed on Season 8 of America's Got Talent and advanced to the semi-final rounds. His newest album American Highway was released in 2019. Marty always dominates the stage and it will be no exception when he comes to Fordsville Days.

As if that isn't enough incredible music to enjoy on Saturday, Fordsville Days is bringing back Rayla Ray by popular demand. On June 30th Rayla will release her brand new music video for "Cage" in Nashville. She has so many shows booked all over the country, so what a treat to have her perform for the festival.

Fordsville Days via Facebook

You can shop until you drop on your way to the Fordsville Festival and after. The Hwy 54 Yard Sale will be underway during the event!

Highway 54 Yard Sale - Western Kentucky via Facebook

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