Can I get them just to bring a dump truck to my office?  Seriously!  If your office is like mine, it is full of file folders and stacks of papers you think you need, but, in reality, you don't.  Every time I place something in a file folder I am convinced that I will go back to it eventually when I need it for reference.  I have crates of file folders that I haven't looked at in a decade.  But, I haven't gotten the nerve, just yet, to throw 'em out or shred them.  But, maybe, just maybe, the time is now.

Daviess County Fiscal Court and the City of Owensboro have announced they will host a FREE paper shredding event on Friday, March 19th from 10am to 1pm at the Owensboro Sportscenter right in the heart of town.  And here's the best part about it (well, except for the FREE part).  It's open to all Daviess County residents, businesses and institutions.  That includes my office!!!

The only limitation really?  There is a 100lb limit per person.  (Uh, I may be pushing it).

According to the official Facebook event page, you're encouraged to gather up old files, receipts, canceled checks, tax forms and more. Honestly, and this is no exaggeration, I may need a pack mule in my office.  I have SO many files and SO many random stacks of paper and I have no idea what's lurking in them.  Can I suggest a new series? Hoarders in the Workplace?  Someone give the casting agent my card.

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