To say that sweet Royal Jolene has been through a lot in her short life would be an understatement. In January over 35% of her body was severely burnt. She has a very long road ahead and needs our support and love. There are various ways that you can do just that. Here's how.

Payne Family
Payne Family

Just look at this sweet face. Royal Jolene Payne is just 2-years-old and has been through it. My friend Amy Payne shared an upcoming fundraiser to help offset medical costs for her niece. The funds are desperately needed for doctor's visits in Nashville and compression socks.

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Royal Jolene's Journey

Royal has already received extensive medical attention since January. She spent five weeks at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital getting treated for her severe burns. Her burns covered 35 percent of her little body. She is home now but has to attend physical therapy every week. She also has many follow-up visits and ongoing care visits in Nashville every two weeks or so. Although Royal has hit some major milestones, she still has a very long road ahead.

Compression Socks Needed

For scar management compression socks are a must and they're expensive. And, Royal will need special garments that are custom made to fit her little body. This will help her heal and reduce scarring.

According to a GoFundMe page set up in honor of Royal, "Kentucky Medicaid will not cover since they categorize themes “follow up care”. Over the span of the next year, Royal will need 4 sets of compressions. The garments will look similar to pantyhose but will be made of special materials and have copper and steel woven in to help her skin heal and minimize scarring. Each set costs roughly $1,300 so a total of roughly $5,000. The compressions will come from Nashville (Pretty in Pink). Royal will be refitted for these every 3 months as she progresses in her healing."

Shake It Up for Royal Jolene Fundraiser

It's going to be a day of fun, fellowship, and fundraising when the community comes together to help out this little girl. The Royal Jolene benefit will be held on Saturday, July 24th, 2021 from 11 am until 4 pm. Everyone is invited to come out for a silent auction and more! Come hungry for the baked goods, great food, and drinks.

$5 Pork Sandwiches
$5 Lemon Shake-Ups
$1 Hot Dogs

Donations will be used to purchase the much-needed garments and to help pay for other medical expenses.

Unity Fellowship Church 625 Allen Street Owensboro, KY

Meet Royal Jolene Payne

Royal Jolene is a sweet and sassy 2-year-old little girl. She was severely burned from the waist down in January on 35% of her body. Royal still has a very long journey ahead and needs our help.

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