Garth Brooks fans get excited!  It has just been announced he is bringing his Stadium tour to Nashville.


Garth just dropped a bomb on all his fans and announced his return to Nissan Stadium.  He'll be there Saturday, April 16.  If you remember the last time he was supposed to be in Nashville the Thunder Rolled his concert right on into CANCELLED!

Garth posted this to his Facebook page:

Nashville, we’re coming home…AGAIN! You were sweet to each other when the Thunder Rolled last time. I not only want to come back, I have to come back! Not for you, but for me! Let’s make this a night so great we want to live it twice! love, g #GARTHinNASHVILLE


Angel here and I know if you were at the concert you remember.  Saturday, July 31, is a night that will forever ring in my memories.  I was so pumped to go to my first Garth concert.  I knew there was a possibility of storms but thought for sure it wouldn't stop Garth from performing.  I was completely wrong.   Joe and I parked and walked almost a mile to the stadium as the Thunder literally rolled in behind us and the sky fell in just in time for us to walk up to the gates to present our tickets.  We were put on a hold for almost 45 minutes until we could take no more and decided to head to the truck.  Thankfully, we got out in time.  They canceled the concert and broke my heart.   No one could see my tears for the downpour of rain.


Tickets will go on sale next Friday, March 4, at all Ticketmaster locations and

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