I once thought that if you were to see a wide variance in gas prices, you'd need to travel from town to town. Not so, anymore.

While the price of gas DOES usually differ to a noticeable extent in different cities, you don't have to leave, say, OWENSBORO to find a big separation.


Yep, that's a 15 cent difference between two stations that are probably about 2 to 3 miles apart.

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I travel to certain parts of town I'm not usually in to save money on gas.

And I have that gas price app on my phone, which really helps.

Hey, I've even been known to haul it to Henderson when the gas price there is quite a bit lower than what we have here.

But, speaking of Henderson, I was just there earlier today and noticed a 38 cent(!) difference in gas prices at stations that were just one block apart.

One was $2.79 a gallon and the other was $2.41.

I'm still not sure who does the regulating of gas prices and why some places sell gas at much lower costs than others, but I'm willing to find those places to save money.

Aren't you?

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