A few years ago, for Mother's Day, I got my mom a one-month subscription to ancestry.com. And, by that I mean, it was FOR her, but I was entering all the information. Mom's about as web-savvy as I am two feet tall.

She always dug into the roots of our family tree and has compiled a lot of information. Ancestry helped us fill in the blanks.

But Ancestry needed ME to give IT information.

That isn't necessarily the case for many people at Family Tree Now.

This genealogy website may have a LOT of information about you and your family that you never submitted.

You may never have EVEN been to the site and yet it could still have all that info.

And, it's available for anyone to see.

Not cool.

Never cool.

They have enough on me that I'm going to click on familytreenow.com/optout and get it off there simply because that makes me uncomfortable.

And, really, all I found was my age--51--and that I was born in 1868. And that's REALLY supposed to be top secret.

But, apparently, there's a wealth of information on many people available at Family Tree Now, so I'd check it out if I were you.

I do not dig this...at all.

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