So, what's YOUR leaf zone? Sounds like a bad pick-up line, doesn't it? Actually, it's a good pick-up line, because the city is pickin' up leaves.

I know it's weird to think about raking leaves and gathering them for the sanitation department...


But, hey, it's fall on the calendar and the leaves have to go.

You know something...? Hang on...


I'm back. And I was right. The trees outside the WBKR/WOMI studios are full. I didn't think I'd seen many leaves on the ground.

And they seem to full across the street at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

This is one potent Indian Summer. We haven't had the shock-to-the-system cold front roll through this year like we usually do by November.

In fact, it's the been the opposite.

Nonetheless, the city is going around and picking up leaves and if your trees HAVE relinquished their foliage, there's a really cool color-coded map I want you to see in case you're not exactly sure what your leaf zone is and when your leaves are earmarked for removal.

This is today's schedule and obviously won't be any good tomorrow, but follow the City of Owensboro on Twitter and you'll be golden...just like those beautiful leaves that seem to be refusing to fall from your trees.