When I wrote about Sarah Desrosiers-Stelmach's eclectic collection of items, I included a picture of all of her Kentucky Derby commemorative glasses that date back to 1945.

A good friend of mine who's done a LOT of buying and selling on Ebay told me she is sitting on a goldmine with those glasses. I could've guessed that but I didn't know for sure. Makes sense.

It got me to wondering what other items we all have in the backs of closets, sitting on shelves, or out in the garage that we think of as junk that could be worth a bunch of money.

I know I'm doing a deep dive when I get home.

I did come up with some things that could that the RIGHT buyer could take off you hands and be willing to give you a much nicer chunk of change than you would have expected.

Do you have any of THESE lying around?

Vintage Items That Could Be Worth More Than You Realize

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