Imagine my surprise.  I was scrolling through Facebook shortly after messaging my friend Adam Hall about when I could expect to get my Girl Scout Cookies from his daughter Bristol.  For the record, he picked those up yesterday.  Bristol sold the crap out of them and the bed of Adam's truck was filled with about 300 boxes.  About fifty of them are mine.  LOL!.

But, as I was scrolling, I stumbled across from a post from my friend Sammy, who shared this photo!

Sammy Tanner
Sammy Tanner

He also shared this: I had the most insane dream about being at Disney and trying to find Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels the other night so I naturally woke up and immediately ordered a bag off Amazon. And now it’s taking all my will power not to eat this entire bag in one sitting.

Okay!  A couple of things. No one should be surprised that this particular grown man is dreaming about Disney.  He freaking loves it.  He used to work there, visits frequently and has visited Disney parks all over the world.  He is literally Walt Disney's love child- minus the trust fund.

Secondly, where have I been?  How did I not know about these things???  I love, drool over Girl Scout Thin Mints.  And raise your hand if you're with me! Who thinks they're better when they're frozen?  #Preach

But, yeah. You can get Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels at Amazon and at places like Costco.  In fact, much to Sammy's dismay, his bag from Amazon cost him $20.  He found the same bag at Costco for $8.  That's a $12 difference, Amazon.  What are you trying to do to us?  Are we underwriting your drone delivery attempts with this insane markup on pretzels?

But let's not gloss over this helpful consumer tip courtesy of Sammy. If you're succumbing to that impulse buy, be advised. The Girl Scout Pretzels are considerably cheaper at Costco.  Walmart, where are ya?  Why are you sitting one this out?

Since I don't have a bag yet (Sammy lives in Virginia and that's too far to travel for a snack), I haven't had the chance to sample. So, I searched YouTube for a taste test video. Here's the first one that popped up.

Thank you, NeonSauerkraut, whoever you are.  It was bad enough that Sammy posted his photo and my jowls started to slobber. You made it worse by opening a bag and shoving a pretzel all the way up the lens of the camera.  If I could have reached through the screen and grabbed that out of your hand or your mouth, I would have.

Okay, clearly I'm having cravings and issues.  I need to place an Amazon Prime order stat.  Oh wait.  Forget that! I'll drive over to the Costco in Evansville and get a bag.  I'll burn six dollars in gas, but, with Costco's savings, I'll still come out ahead.

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