Over the weekend, I had dinner at an establishment that features a wrap-around bar--where I like to sit in sports bars.

The only spot open still hadn't been bused yet, but that was fine. It wouldn't be long so I sat down.

I told the server/bartender that the guys before me had barely touched their food. He told me that they didn't leave a tip on a $41 tab.

I find that kind of outrageous.

It wouldn't occur to me to leave the table at a restaurant without leaving a tip. I'll even tip bad servers--although, to be fair, I really haven't encountered truly bad servers nearly as often in recent years.

Then I run across a report from WDRB out of Louisville about how 10% of millennials--defined as those folks between 18 and 37 years old--admit they don't leave tips. (The guys who left no tip at the restaurant? They were squarely inside that demographic.)

Now, I know that 10% isn't a huge number, but that percentage drops to THREE when it comes to those older than 37 years of age.

The survey that WDRB cited also shows that millennials also fall short with regards to other types of businesses, like food trucks, Uber or Lyft.

Obviously, no one HAS to leave a tip, but I guess I'm just not cut from that particular kind of cloth.

For one thing, I know and have know dozens of people who have been in the food service industry my whole life.

Secondly, tips account for a large portion of servers' incomes. If they do solid work, they deserve a tip.

That's just me.

What about you?




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