I've said, on any number of occasions, that if you moved away from Owensboro, say, 10 years ago, or maybe a little more, and haven't been back since, you wouldn't even recognize the city...especially out on Highway 54.

And that makes my discovery of Google Earth's Time Lapse Engine even cooler since you can enter Owensboro in the search block and the engine will show you the city's growth from 1984 through 2016 in an awesome little time lapse video.

Once you get there, make sure you click the "plus" sign on the left until you get the distance you want.

In the lower left, under the year, you can change it from "fast" to "medium" or "slow."

I prefer "slow."

And then just watch the 54 area change the most of any other part of town.

You'll also see South Frederica's progress as well.

It's fascinating.

For some reason, whenever I go to the site, the first thing I get is Miami.

I couldn't care less what Miami looked like in 1984...unless I'm trying to find those funny white blazers with the rolled up sleeves they used to wear on Miami Vice.



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