Were you able to see Governor Andy Beshear's press conference about the new cases of the coronavirus in Kentucky? There are now four.

If you didn't, did you happen to see an online story that featured the video of the conference within the blog?

Well, I did. The story is from Kentucky.com. And while I'm very appreciative of much of the information in the blog, there was something left out that should have been included.

I'm talking about something Governor Beshear said at the 1:45 mark in this video:

Yes, the first Harrison County, Kentucky coronavirus patient is improving.


Yes, there have been lives lost due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), but there are so many that have and ARE surviving it.

And I think this is also we need to know.

Certainly, we must all continue to take the necessary precautions--the same precautions we should always take.

We should always and frequently wash our hands with soap and water very thoroughly. If we're sick or think we're sick, we need to stay home.

And most of all, we cannot PANIC.

Panic is not our friend in a situation like this. I have sinus issues right now because of the dip into the 40s we took on Friday. That always gets me. But if you think I'm not getting looks from people when I cough because of it, you'd be wrong.

Study up on what to look for, yes, but automatically thinking the worst isn't going to help anyone.

Finally, if there IS good news to be shared, I would like to see the media, you know, SHARE it.

Let's find out why certain people are more seriously affected than others by this virus and let's keep cool heads while we do it.

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