There's no doubt that the Green River Distilling Company has put Owensboro on the bourbon map and has become a point of interest for many visitors to our area.  Now, the local distillery is looking to make some additional impact for folks right here at home.

According to marketing representative Nicole Ebelhar, employees of Green River Distilling have created a new volunteer group.  The whole idea behind the creation of the group is to be able to give back to the Owensboro-Daviess County community.  And they're most certainly doing it.  Tomorrow, they'll be doing it in a big way.

This week is their "Sack Lunch Week" and, tomorrow, volunteers will be handing out FREE sack lunches at two different parks here in town.  They'll be at Smothers Park downtown on the riverfront and at Legion Park, which is right in the middle of Owensboro.

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There will be 500 sack lunches available.  In addition to lunch, volunteers will be handing out hygiene items, etc.- all of which were donated by Green River Distilling Company employees.

Nicole says those employees are incredibly excited about the project and the opportunity to give back.  She says, "Employees have spent the week volunteering their time to stuff bags and make sandwiches."  Tomorrow is GO time.

Serving gets underway at 11am CST Friday, July 30th, at both parks and will continue until 1pm (or while supplies last).

Green River Distilling Company is located at 10 Distillery Road in downtown Owensboro.  For more information about Green River, including brands, hours of operations and on-site tours, CLICK HERE!


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