I'm a sucker for bargains.  I love all things consignment shops and I especially love Goodwill.  One particular visit to the local Henderson Goodwill two years ago completely changed my life!

It all started on August 21, 2014, when my husband Joe and I had our first date.  We decided to go to Henderson so we could have a somewhat quiet uninterrupted time.  We had dinner, took a nice stroll down by the river and then he asked me what I wanted to do next.  I hesitated with a smile and then he said "just tell me what you really want to do, it can be anything" I said "I really love the Goodwill store here" he laughed and said he loved Goodwill too.  I think that was the beginning of forever for us!

The date was a success and we began seeing each other exclusively after that.  I often took trips to Henderson to Goodwill because it is my favorite one.  I always find amazing deals and they have really good quality items!  This particular trip I went alone.  The date, September 20, which happens to be my momma's birthday.  I walked in and to the right they have a large circular rack of prom and wedding dresses.  Normally I would walk right past it but this day I stopped and browsed.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen.  It was simple, something I had always dreamed of wearing, and to it was MY EXACT SIZE!!!!  I took a deep breath pulled it off the rack and I did the unthinkable...I bought it!

Now I know what you're thinking.  We just starting dating.  He hadn't even asked me to marry him yet.  All these things went through my head too.  Instead I stepped out in faith, bought the dress, and I asked God to do what he does.  I prayed this exact prayer "Dear Lord, I am stepping out in faith and asking you to align everything the way you would have it, if I am to marry this man.  I am doing my part and trusting you by buying this dress the rest is up to you!  I brought the dress home and hid it in the back of a closet so no one could find it...HA

Well just 2 1/2 months later Joe dropped to his knee on a cold Tuesday evening in December and told me he wasn't sure of much else in life except that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  I said "YES" and almost 3 years later life is crazier and more amazing than I could have ever planned it to be.


The dress was absolute perfection, oh and I almost forgot, I paid $10 for it!  The original price $3,500, it's value to me...PRICELESS!

Today, Joe and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and I often think of our first date, a trip to Goodwill, our special day, my dress, and the blessing God gave our life together!


Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!  Here's to many more years and lots of trips to Goodwill.   I LOVE YOU!



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