You're forgiven if you name Christmas your favorite holiday. I mean, come on, it's CHRISTMAS. It wins that contest very often.

And I have NOTHING against Christmas. I'm a traditionalist and I love the "old ways"--Christmas light tours, Bing Crosby/Nat King Cole type music, old TV episodes--but there's nothing that creates, for me, the perfect TONE like Halloween.

It tops my list.

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And while there are many "old school" Halloween traditions, it's a holiday that, in my opinion, is forever fluid. That's because of the feeling that's in the air. That gothic vibe begins midway through September and lasts through the grand finale on October 31st.

And you can't have any of that without the proper costume, right?

Now, you may be planning to purchase your Halloween threads this year, but what if you could learn how to make your own? I've come up with my own many times because, well, I'm a big dude and it's always been hard to find pre-fab costumes that fit. I think my homemade Solomon Grundy and Incredible Hulk costumes were my favorite.

Well, when the Spooktacular Spectacle happens on October 23rd at 217 Williamsburg Square in Owensboro, you'll be able to participate in a "psychedelic & spooky apparel" workshop. How fun does that sound?

The event will practically be an all-day affair that Saturday, beginning at 1 PM and ending at 8 PM.

There will be Trunk or Treat and face painting for the kids. Plus, you can get a tarot reading from local mystic Tim Ashworth and enjoy live music at 6 PM.

It's September and time to get our Halloween on. Also, it's ALWAYS good to have something fun to look forward to.

It's how we get through life.

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