Right here in our little neck of the woods, we have one of the most beautiful "attractions" in the nation, in my opinion. And if I happen to be driving through St. Meinrad, and if I have time, I'll take a little cruise through the archabbey's grounds and just soak it all in. If I have even more time, I'll walk around.

I am fascinated by big, beautiful old churches and cathedrals; Third Baptist Church in downtown Owensboro, for example, rings my chimes--no pun intended--in that department. Just gorgeous.

As it turns out, Kentucky is no slouch in this department. If you head north to Covington and drive down Madison Avenue, you will encounter the magnificent St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, on which construction began in 1895. Its first services were held in 1901. It is a mind-blower to behold.

Let's talk for a moment about those extraordinary panes of stained glass. Although the cathedral began conducting services in 1901, construction on the facade didn't begin until 1908, with the stained glass panes completed in 1910. One source claims that this is the second-largest hand-blown stained glass window in existence.

Another source sends it right to the top of the list.

Me? I'm going to quibble. If I'm standing in the presence of something this magnificent, it couldn't possibly matter where it ranks on a list. Take a quick virtual tour and see if comparisons would matter to you.

Measuring 67 feet by 24 feet, all that matters with regard to this magnificent creation is that it WAS created and quite something to behold.

The camera in your mobile phone being in good working order will also matter. Enjoy your visit.

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