Okay, I feel like an idiot.  Where have I been?  How have I not seen this until now?  Where has KanJam been all my life?  LOL!

Last week, when Kevin and I were in Siesta Key, there was a quartet of beach-goers set up near us.  They had these two trash can-looking things that they kept trying to throw a Frisbee at (or into).  And, even weirder, their partners would try to knock the Frisbee out of the air into the side of the trash can thingy or into the top of it.  I had absolutely no idea what was going on or how to score this "sport" I was witnessing for the first time.

I wasn't the only confused person, by the way.  Some older folks sitting under their umbrellas over my left shoulder were, like me, equal parts confused and oddly fascinated.  In fact, one of the gentlemen said,, "Well, this is what happens when there are no sports on TV."

This morning on the show, I mentioned this to Angel.  She hadn't heard of it either.  But our buddy Adam Johnston heard us chatting and sent me a pic of KanJam!  He sent me a screen grab of a KanJam set from Academy Sports (by the way, that set costs $39.99).  As it turns out, this "sport" has been around for a while and there's even a KanJam World Championship that's been going on FOR YEARS!

Again, where have I been?

If you're curious about it (like I was and am), here's a quick tutorial on how to play.

Here's another demo you may find helpful.

So, get this.  I learned this morning that KanJam has been around for five years.  FIVE YEARS!  Again, I ask myself, "Where have I been???"

Have you heard of this?  Or, better yet, have you played?

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