There isn't another event that brings celebrities to Kentucky in the numbers that the Kentucky Derby does. Sure, you might see cameos from Drake, Ashley Judd, or Jack Harlow at college basketball games. Jennifer Lawrence, perhaps, on the RARE occasion.

But the Derby is the global clarion call that attracts the legends, the icons, the superstars, and the media moguls and brings them together in one place. They love betting their disposable income on beautiful thoroughbreds; they love a good mint julep; and they love dressing up.

I have to hand it to Martha Stewart. She expertly displayed SUBTLETY with her Derby attire, and subtlety isn't something we often see when folks arrive for the festivities.

Stewart was actually asked to handle the "riders up" duties at the 150th Run for the Roses. That's the signal to the jockeys that it's time to mount the horses. When the lifestyle icon did the honors, she committed a slip of the tongue that's, once again, made her a viral sensation:

Outside of select appearances on television--and, obviously, the 2024 Kentucky Derby--Stewart pretty much stays close to home. Of course, with a Connecticut spread like hers, who can blame her. Maybe it's because of the amount of time she spends in the Nutmeg State that led to the easy slip-up. Regardless, social media has had a spirited field day because of the gaffe.

But it was a very HARMLESS gaffe. So why go "dark" with the commentary about it? You'll see what I mean in the Comments section:

You know who couldn't care less about these comments or about that slip of the tongue? Martha Stewart. Nor should she. I mean, seriously, BIG DEAL, right?

Plus, it's just added one more story to the long, storied history of the one of the most high-profile sporting events on the planet.

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