First we had the sheepsquatch, now we have the Pope Lick Monster AKA the Goatman. It's like a couple of guys ate some radioactive mutton, or something, and mutated.

But, no, this legend, like that of the sheepsquatch, involves a monstrous creature that terrorizes the old Southern Railways trestle in eastern Jefferson County.

The reason I'm writing about it is that, twice now, I have seen the Destination America episode about it.

And, I got to thinking, what's the deal with western Kentucky and the proliferation of all these Mutton Monsters? (My term, not theirs.)

Oh, and I've learned there was a movie made in 1988 about the Pope Lick Monster by a filmmaker named Ron Schildknecht. I've sent him an email requesting an interview, so we'll see what happens.

But, yeah. The Pope Lick Monster. Half man, half goat.

What would they call that...a WERE-GOAT?