Last year at The Big O Music Fest, I went on stage to introduce David Nail and, like usual, shrugged off what I was "supposed" to say.  When I intro music acts I don't like to read from label-approved scripts.  That's just way too robotic for my taste.  I much prefer doing it the heart-felt way.  And that's exactly what I did with David.  I said to the crowd that they were about to hear the best male voice in country music.  And that's exactly what David Nail is.  And that voice is on full display in his brand new single, "The Sound of a Million Dreams."  You have to watch this video and hear this song!!

How good is that?  The first time I ever heard David sing was a couple of years back at The Grand Ole Opry.  We had a private meet and greet with him in the Acuff Theatre and he performed a few songs from his debut album.  But later, inside the Opry, he laid out "Turning Home."  I rarely get cold chills (or "goosies" as Jennifer Lopez calls them on American Idol), but my arms were covered in them.  And, thanks to David's new song, I have them again.  This guy has the BEST voice in country music.  And when you add THAT voice to a song like "The Sound of a Million Dreams" you get musical magic.