Angel and I are slightly obsessed with this.  Luke Combs released the video for his latest song, "Does To Me", his awesome collaboration with Eric Church.  And here's what we absolutely love about it.

Luke asked fans to submit photos and stories to Instagram that highlight the theme of the song- photos that may not mean something to someone else, but mean everything to them.

How cool is that?  As I mentioned on the air this morning when we talked about this video, this is yet another reason why Luke Combs is the single biggest thing in country music right now.  He's a huge star because his fans relate to him and he relates to his fans.  This is a guy that truly seems like the guy next door- hanging out in the garage, drinking some beer, and playing the guitar and singing by the campfire.  There's no doubt, with the release of a video like this, that Luke Combs understands and loves his fans.  Because of his devotion to them, those fans absolutely love him back.

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