Kentucky singer-songwriter Marty Brown is one of the acts scheduled to appear at the Spencer County Music Fest, which is coming up Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th at the Spencer County Fairgrounds in Grandview, IN!  Since enjoying a career resurgence, which started when he appeared on America's Got Talent back in 2013, Marty's life has been a whirlwind.

He's been on national television, returned to touring all over the U.S., and just achieved what may be the defining moment of his career. He landed a song on George Strait's upcoming album.

That album is Cowboys and Dreamers, which will be released on Friday, September 6th. Track #3 on that album is a song called "To The Moon". Marty admits his wife Shellie was the inspiration behind that song, which he co-wrote with a friend. Just a couple of weeks ago, George Strait performed that song live for the first time. He did so his concert at Texas A&M. You may remember that particular concert set an all-time attendance record. Everyone in that crowd got to see George sing Marty's song!

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The very next morning, Marty got to watch that performance on YouTube. Here's what he had to say about that 20-year-old dream coming true.

Marty's been writing songs since he was a kid. The story about how he learned to write songs for the radio is a hoot. It involves his mom's microwave.

Marty will be singing "To The Moon", his epic Tracy Byrd smash "I'm From the Country" and more when he takes the stage at the Spencer County Music Fest on Friday, July 19th.

Joining Marty that night, among others, will be his own daughter (Emma Grace) and fellow country music star Andy Griggs.

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Marty has an absolutely hilarious story about Andy. Take a listen!

Tickets for the Spencer County Music Fest are available online at Here's the full lineup for the inaugural two-day event.

Spencer County Music Fest
Spencer County Music Fest

If you'd like to hear my full interview with Marty, which also includes a great story about Billy Ray Cyrus, check it out here-->

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